About Us

My name is Sarah and I live on the Gold Coast, Australia

I strive to live full of purpose, energy, connection, fulfilment & peaceful contentment.

I have been a client of Body Psychotherapy since 2011 and studying a Diploma of Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy since 2020 at The Institute of Body Psychotherapy in Brisbane, Australia.

I am completing my fourth and final year of Diploma training in 2023, with a focus on couples and group therapy to expand my knowledge.

I also studied a Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy with the Psychosomatic Therapy College.


Almond Tree Body Psychotherapy

My vision for Almond Tree Body Psychotherapy is that our work together can reflect the essence of the almond tree and be deeply meaningful.The almond tree is known for bringing a heightened sense of purpose and I believe that many of us do not feel fully satisfied or energised because we are unclear on our purpose in life.

The almond tree is often the first to bloom and represents the ‘awakening’ of spring. Awakening is a powerful time of transformation when we can change the direction of our lives, by bringing our life’s purpose into focus. I believe body psychotherapy can also be an awakening and transformative process, helping us to bring our life’s purpose into focus.

The menorah design in our logo is based on the almond tree – the 3 left branches represent the darkness, while the 3 right branches represent the light and the central trunk is the self (or some people believe it is our connection with Christ).  The idea is that the almond tree calls us to accept the wisdom and love held in both the light and dark aspects ♡

Finally, the word almond in English is derived from the Greek word ‘amygdala’ – the two ‘almond-shaped’ clusters of neurons found deep in the medial temporal lobes of our brains, functioning as the internal ‘alarm’ processing our response to fear sensed in our hearts, triggering the fight / flight / fawn response. It is the goal of Body Psychotherapy to help you become more grounded, to open your window of tolerance to situations and emotions, and to allow a wider range of energy and experiences in life without triggering a fight / flight / fawn response.