Hi, I'm Sarah.
Body Psychotherapist

Body Psychotherapy utilises the mind, body connection to help guide your therapy.  The goal in my sessions is to gain insight into what your body is holding, through reading your body and incorporating movement.

We will work towards releasing held emotions, old memories, false beliefs, and sabotage patterns that are held within the body and below your conscious awareness.

Body Psychotherapy helps to navigate:

  • major life changes
  • relationship issues
  • lack of energy and vitality
  • anxiety and self esteem
  • lack of direction and purpose
  • old traumas
  • nervous system regulation
  • connection with yourself
  • and even increased pleasure, confidence, connection & love! 

About Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy (somatic psychotherapy) is an integrated physical, emotional, mental and spiritual approach to wellbeing.

Sessions include talking through what is current for you in your life and body, as well as movement or body work.

Body work may include things like breathing, a combination of slow & gentle exercises on a mat or roller, or hitting a foam cube. Body work helps us gain more insight into what the body is holding and releasing, as well as to integrate more meaningful change.

Our patterns are held in our bodies and this holding will keep us in the patterns we want to break, unless we work to unlock them through movement and body work.

We cannot create real and lasting change without involving the body.

The foundations of Body Psychotherapy are based on Core Energetics, Bio Energetics, Freud, Jung and Reich.

Body Psychotherapy (somatic psychotherapy) is a deep healing process. By working with the body and mind together we can gain insight into old feelings and confront old sabotage patterns that are held within the body, below our conscious awareness.

Body Psychotherapy creates deep and lasting change in your life and your behavior, allowing you to experience more pleasure, energy, confidence, growth, connection and love.

Working with me is not a quick fix, trauma release process. This work is referred to as ‘The Hard Work Miracle’, because the change is deep-seated and lasting. It takes time to achieve such lasting
change and to experience this change as familiar in our body and our lives.

I recommend my clients have an expectation that we will work together for at least 5 to 6 sessions before they decide if the process is a good match for them.

Many therapist and client relationships in this work last for decades.

I have been a client of Body Psychotherapy since 2011 and studying Body Psychotherapy since 2020.

My personal experience with my own therapist has been a constant and rewarding partnership.  One of the only relationships where I have always felt truly seen, even when I haven’t been able to see myself.

After noticing life changing shifts in my life and body through this work, I was compelled to study and understand ‘the magic’.

I began studying a Diploma of Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy in February 2020 at The Institute of Body Psychotherapy in Brisbane, Australia.  I completed my training in 2022 and have been deemed ready to practice, as a student therapist.

I am completing a fourth optional year of training in 2023, with a focus on couples and group therapy to expand my knowledge.

I am also currently completing Nationally Accredited 10821NAT Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy.

I am currently offering discounted body psychotherapy sessions for the first half of 2023 until I have formally graduated. The discounted sessions are much the same as they will be when I formally graduate, however, I will be checking in with my supervisor about my progress with you in between our sessions (you will not be identified).

Make a Booking to Work with Me

Discovery Consultation

$ 0 15 minutes
  • For new clients: please book a Discovery Consultation as your first step
  • Available via Phone

Foundational Sessions

$ 70 50 minutes
  • Discounted rate available for clients who
    started before August 2024
  • Face-to-face therapy

Standard Sessions

$ 120 50 minutes
  • Available now for new clients after
    Discovery Consultation
  • Face-to-face therapy

Why Almond Tree?

My vision for Almond Tree Body Psychotherapy is that our work together can reflect the essence of the almond tree and be deeply meaningful. The almond tree is known for bringing a heightened sense of purpose.

The almond tree is often the first to bloom and represents the ‘awakening’ of spring. Awakening is a powerful time of transformation when we can change the direction of our lives, by bringing our life’s purpose into focus.
Body Psychotherapy can also be an awakening and transformative process, helping us to bring our life’s purpose into focus.

The menorah design in our logo is based on the almond tree – the 3 left branches represent the darkness, while the 3 right branches represent the light and the central trunk is the self and our connection with a higher power. 

The almond tree calls us to accept the wisdom and love held in both the light and dark aspects ♡

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